How To Read Novel I Love You, Little Mate Full Episode


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Estella found herself in a perplexing and unsettling situation, one that had unfolded before she could even process it. Kenton had pecked her, a gesture that left her in shock, her senses tingling with confusion and alarm. His forceful and dominant approach had taken her by surprise, and it was something she had not expected or desired from him.

Within her, the wolf stirred, a primal and powerful entity that responded to her instincts. It growled and rumbled within her, a warning that this situation was not as it should be. Estella’s first instinct was to try and push Kenton away, to regain control over her personal space and her own agency. She placed her trembling hands on his shoulders, but his grip proved far stronger than she had anticipated. Panic and urgency welled up within her, and she knew she needed to take action swiftly.

Amid the chaos of her emotions and the disarray of her thoughts, she caught a distinct and unusual scent. It was a scent that transported her to a different world, one filled with the freshness of a morning after a rainstorm, with undertones of soothing pine. The scent was so sharp and invigorating that it momentarily distracted her from the overwhelming situation at hand.

In this moment of sensory respite, Bell, her inner wolf, communicated with her. A purr echoed in her mind, a reassurance that Estella desperately needed to regain her composure. She snapped back to reality, determined to confront the encroaching crisis.

Kenton’s hands remained firm on her, his intentions unclear, and Estella knew she had to break free. She redoubled her efforts to push him away, though the task seemed insurmountable due to his unwavering grip. Her mind raced, seeking a way out of this perilous situation.

Suddenly, a guttural growl emerged from somewhere behind Kenton, catching both of them off guard. It was a sound of raw power and untamed aggression, one that reverberated through the space around them. Estella’s senses sharpened as she turned her attention to the source of this new and unexpected disturbance.

Her wolf, Bell, was alert, reacting to the threat with a fierce protectiveness. The growl echoed her own unease and fear, but it also carried a resolute determination to defend Estella at all costs. With newfound resolve, Estella harnessed her connection with her inner wolf, channeling its strength and instinctive wisdom.

In that moment, with Kenton’s grip still firm and the unknown threat lurking nearby, Estella made a decision. She would not allow herself to be dominated or threatened. The forceful scent of pine and the growling presence behind Kenton provided her with the courage and clarity she needed to take action. It was time to break free, to confront the unexpected challenge, and to assert her own strength and agency in a world where uncertainty and danger lurked at every turn.


Novel Details : I Love You, Little Mate

Tittle I Love You, Little Mate
Publisher LoveRead
Genre Werewolf
Subtitle English
Rating 5./5 4.2

How To Read Novel I Love You, Little Mate Full Episode

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