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Luna Ariel, the cherished treasure of the formidable Alpha Gorgio of Eclipse Howl, had always been the center of his world. He worshipped the very ground she walked on, ensuring she was constantly by his side. Her safety was paramount, and none dared to cross her or do her wrong.

Yet, circumstances took an unexpected turn when Gorgio was forced to make a difficult decision. He had to send Ariel to the General Council Conference of Werewolves in Midnight Moon. She was to represent their pack and, even more crucially, to attract wealthy investors for a grand plan that would benefit the entire werewolf community. The ambitious endeavor hung in the balance, and he had faith in Ariel’s ability to secure their future.

But this is where disaster struck. In Midnight Moon, it became painfully evident that despite Ariel being marked and mated, she had another mate – Alpha Zane, the ruler of Midnight Moon. And Zane had no intention of letting her go. The two Alphas, known arch-rivals in their constant struggle for territory, now found themselves locked in a bitter battle for Ariel’s heart and soul.

Shame overwhelmed Ariel, making it unbearable for her to face Gorgio after what seemed like a savage betrayal. Filled with anguish, she chose to flee and seek refuge in the shadows, leaving her mate behind. The race was on between the two Alphas to find her first, to claim her for themselves. Gorgio was adamant about not sharing his Luna, while Zane was determined to hold on to the precious gift the Moon Goddess had finally granted him after years of waiting.

Through the weakening mate bond with Alpha Zane, Ariel heard his desperate plea, “It is impossible to escape the fate of the Moon Goddess. Come back, my mate. Come and complete our mating process. I am waiting for you.” Her heart ached as she listened to his longing voice.

But then, in the depths of her being, in the unbreakable mate connection, she heard another call. It was Gorgio, her first mate, whose voice was equally heartrending. “Where are you, my Luna? You know I cannot go on without you. My wolf needs you here, always. Remember your promise to be mine forever.”

Ariel was torn between two loves, bound by the unyielding ties of a mate to both. She couldn’t run forever and realized she had to confront this perplexing twist of fate.

It was her sister, Alexis, who offered a solution that could potentially resolve the predicament. Alpha Gorgio would have to consider a compromise to allow Ariel to follow her heart, while Alpha Zane would have to find a way to coexist with his fierce rival. But the path forward was uncertain, and the fate of three intertwined lives hung in the balance, subject to the intricate dance of love, destiny, and the power of the Moon Goddess. The journey ahead held the promise of challenges, heartaches, and sacrifices, yet it was a path they had no choice but to traverse.

Novel Details : Luna On The Run

Tittle Luna On The Run
Publisher Alphanovel
Genre Werewolf
Subtitle English
Rating 5./5 3.8

How To Read Novel Luna On The Run Full Episode

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