How To Read Novel Luna On The Run – I Stole The Alpha’s Sons Full Episode


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Elena had always been a strong-willed and determined young woman. Her father’s recent revelation that he intended to pass on the Alpha title to her ten-year-old brother sent shockwaves through her. In an act of defiance, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

Elena sought solace and revenge in the arms of her father’s most prominent rival, Alpha Axton, believing that this act would challenge her father’s patriarchal decisions. Little did she know that fate had a different plan for her.

As she met Alpha Axton, known for his notorious reputation, Elena’s world turned upside down. To her astonishment, she learned that he was her mate, a bond that was supposed to be based on love and trust. However, all was not as it seemed.

Alpha Axton had his own deceitful agenda. He had sought Elena out to exploit her in his scheme to take down her father and seize control of the pack. What Elena had initially perceived as an act of defiance had now entangled her in a web of deceit and betrayal.

After their night together, Elena’s clarity returned with the dawn. She realized the truth about Alpha Axton’s intentions and, fueled by anger and regret, she rejected him as her mate. The Alpha, infuriated by her rejection, hatched a vengeful plan to tarnish her reputation.

In a ruthless move, Alpha Axton decided to leak a scandalous tape that would expose Elena’s secrets and shame her in front of the pack. The video went live, and the consequences were immediate. Her father, appalled by the disgrace, shunned her from the pack, leaving her with nowhere to turn.

Alpha Axton believed that his vindictive act would force Elena back into his arms, as she would have no other option. Little did he realize that Elena’s spirit was indomitable, and she was determined never to submit to any Alpha, especially the one she had rejected.

Despite the dire circumstances, Elena refused to bow to the man who had betrayed her. She made a bold choice: she ran, carrying a heavy secret. She was pregnant with Alpha Axton’s child, and now she had the responsibility of protecting not only herself but also the Alpha’s sons.

The challenges ahead were daunting. Elena was determined to forge her own path, away from the deceit and manipulation that had marked her recent past. Her journey would be one of resilience, strength, and the unwavering love of a mother for her unborn children.

Alpha Axton, on the other hand, was relentless in his pursuit of Elena. He wanted her to be his Luna, and he would stop at nothing to make that happen. Little did he know that Elena’s spirit and the fierce maternal instinct within her would drive her to protect her unborn children and seek a new life, far from the deceitful schemes of her mate.

The battle between Elena and Alpha Axton was far from over, and the fate of their pack and their family hung in the balance as they embarked on separate paths, each driven by their own determination and desires.


Novel Details : Luna On The Run – I Stole The Alpha’s Sons

Tittle Luna On The Run – I Stole The Alpha’s Sons
Publisher iReader
Genre Werewolf
Subtitle English
Rating 5./5 4.7

How To Read Novel Luna On The Run – I Stole The Alpha’s Sons Full Episode

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