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“I’m mated to you, Asher,” I whispered, hoping for his acceptance.

“No, you’re mated to yourself because I can never be with someone like you,” Asher replied coldly. “I, Asher, hereby reject you as my mate.”

Confusion and heartache consumed me as I stared at him, my voice trembling. “Why are you saying all of this to me?”

“Because, Lenora, I can’t be your mate. I regret accepting to be your boyfriend in the first place; it was merely out of pity,” he declared, devoid of emotion. Tears welled in my eyes as his words cut through me. “I’ve never loved you, Lenora. I thought you would grow stronger, but you’re still the weakest wolf I’ve ever encountered, even at seventeen.”

Lenora Hunter, marked as the weakest wolf in the Serene pack, had never let that define her until she faced rejection from Asher, her only hope. She had always known she was different, that her strength didn’t match up to the others in the pack. But Asher, the one who had vowed to protect her, had just shattered her heart.

As I left Asher behind, the once-familiar surroundings of our pack felt strange and unwelcoming. The forest seemed to close in on me, echoing my loneliness. But there was no time to dwell on my heartbreak, for fate had more in store for me than just a broken bond.

Meanwhile, the presence of Alaric, the New Alpha, struck fear into the hearts of wolves far and wide. He was a dreadful and elusive figure, known but rarely seen. Alaric’s arrival in the Serene pack, with intentions unknown, only added to the turmoil. Rumors circulated about his ruthlessness and his propensity for violence, making my fragile heart race with apprehension.

I kept my distance, staying silent and invisible in the pack, attempting to navigate the emotional chaos that had taken root. As the days turned into weeks, I observed the pack’s dynamics shifting. Alaric’s influence was undeniable, and the pack members were becoming more and more subservient to his will.

One evening, as I ventured deeper into the woods to escape the suffocating atmosphere of the pack, I stumbled upon a wounded rabbit. Its pained whimper sent a pang of empathy through me. Despite my own struggles, I couldn’t bear to see another being in pain. Carefully, I tended to the injured creature, nursing it back to health as best as I could. It was a small act of kindness, a glimmer of hope in a world that had grown dark and uncertain.

Word of my act of compassion reached Alaric’s ears, and I was summoned to his presence. Trembling, I entered his territory, unsure of what to expect. He regarded me with piercing eyes that seemed to see through my very soul. “You showed kindness to a creature in need,” he stated, his voice surprisingly gentle. “Why?”

I swallowed hard, but my answer came from the depths of my heart. “Because I couldn’t bear to see it suffer. I may be weak in many ways, but I can’t ignore the pain of others.”

A hint of a smile tugged at the corner of Alaric’s lips. “Strength is not always measured by physical power, Lenora. Your compassion is a rare gift.”

In that moment, a flicker of hope ignited within me. Maybe Alaric wasn’t the merciless Alpha everyone had portrayed him to be. Maybe, just maybe, I could be an exception to his malevolent ways.

As time passed, I found myself drawn to Alaric’s enigmatic presence, slowly unraveling the layers of his complex character. I discovered that he carried the burden of leadership with a heavy heart, that he, too, had experienced his share of pain and rejection. In our shared moments, I began to see a different side of him, one that was more than the fearsome Alpha.

Together, we embarked on a journey of transformation, breaking the mold of our pasts and forging a bond that defied convention. Through our shared experiences and understanding, we discovered that strength came in many forms, and that even the weakest of wolves could become something extraordinary.

As the days turned into months, the Serene pack witnessed a remarkable change. Lenora, once marked as the weakest wolf, had found her strength in the unlikeliest of places – in the heart of the feared Alpha, Alaric. Our love was a testament to the power of resilience, compassion, and the possibility of redemption, proving that even in the most dire of circumstances, love could thrive and conquer all.

Novel Details : Mated To The Devil’s Son

Tittle Mated To The Devil’s Son
Deb Oguare
Publisher Alphanovel
Genre Werewolf
Subtitle English
Rating 5./5 4.9

How To Read Novel Mated To The Devil’s Son Full Episode

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