How To Read Novel Rejected Again, The Unwanted Luna Full Episode


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“You’ve made my life a living hell already,” Natasha declared, her voice unwavering and filled with determination. “I won’t allow you to take away the only thing that could possibly be my happiness and make my life even more miserable.”

Natasha Wolf, the daughter of the fearless Beta of the Gemini Pack, had known hardship and cruelty all her life. She was hated and abused by her own father and sister, enduring their relentless efforts to strip her of the powers she had been blessed with. The scars of their mistreatment ran deep, and Natasha had grown weary of their relentless cruelty.

Her life took an unexpected turn when she was granted the rare and precious gift of a mate—an Alpha, no less. However, her sister, Alyssa, seized the opportunity to deceive Natasha’s mate, causing him to harbor resentment and hatred for her. The prospect of losing the one glimmer of hope and happiness in her life was a breaking point for Natasha. She had endured enough, and it was time to fight back.

Dante Steele, the cold-hearted and fierce Alpha of the Black Cedar Pack, had experienced his own share of pain and loss. His first mate had been tragically killed by a vampire, leaving a void in his heart that he believed could never be filled. He had become an Alpha who wouldn’t hesitate to destroy anyone who crossed his path.

However, fate had other plans for Dante when he encountered Natasha, a woman who had been abused and tortured by her family and pack. Despite his initial resistance, he couldn’t stand by and watch her suffer any longer. He rescued her from her tormentors, a glimmer of compassion surfacing in his heart.

But Dante was not one to easily open his heart again, and he held onto the memory of his deceased mate, vowing never to love another. The complications and emotions that arose from this second mate bond left him torn between his past and a future he was unwilling to embrace.

The journey of Natasha and Dante was a tumultuous one, filled with pain, betrayal, and the complexities of love. Natasha was determined to fight for the happiness she believed she deserved, even if it meant facing an Alpha who was determined to keep his heart locked away.

Their story was a clash of wills, a battle between the past and the possibility of a new future. As Natasha fought for her place in Dante’s life and heart, the Alpha was confronted with the difficult choice of whether to hold onto his pain or to embrace a love that could heal the wounds of the past. Their journey would test the limits of love and forgiveness, leaving them both forever changed by the bonds that connected them.

Novel Details : Rejected Again, The Unwanted Luna

Tittle Rejected Again, The Unwanted Luna
Ise Metz
Publisher Alphanovel
Genre Werewolf
Subtitle English
Rating 5./5 3.7

How To Read Novel Rejected Again, The Unwanted Luna Full Episode

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