How To Read Novel The Alpha King’s Rejected Mate Full Episode


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Nyx Evander’s life had been a relentless string of misfortunes from the very beginning. Gambled away by her father in a lost game, she found herself at the mercy of the Alpha of a pack that rejected her, labeling her a cursed silver wolf. Even her daughter, the product of a cruel fate, was considered an abomination in the eyes of the pack.

For years, Nyx endured pain, rejection, and abuse. Her spirit remained unbroken, and the love she had for her daughter, a small glimmer of light in the darkest of times, gave her strength. But the cruelty of her pack finally became too much to bear. The day came when Nyx decided to break free, to escape the chains that bound her to a life of suffering.

She fled with her child, seeking refuge in a world that was unfamiliar but promised the chance for a fresh start. Little did she know that her journey would lead her to the territory of Lycus Dardanos, the powerful Alpha King.

Lycus had always yearned for a mate, envisioning a loving and loyal partner by his side. When he first laid eyes on Nyx, he saw a woman who was strong, yet broken, bearing the scars of a painful past. But what he didn’t expect was the revelation that she was a silver wolf, a fact that filled him with a mix of curiosity and apprehension.

For Nyx, the encounter with the Alpha King was a revelation in itself. She had heard of his reputation, but nothing had prepared her for the enigmatic Alpha who defied her expectations in every way. Her heart, wounded and wary, couldn’t help but be drawn to the kindness and power he exuded.

However, as their connection deepened, Nyx discovered that her life was at stake for being a silver wolf, and her position as the mate to the Alpha King held more danger than she had initially realized. The dark secrets of her past and the mysterious silver lineage she carried were beginning to unravel, and Nyx was thrust into a world of intrigue and peril.

To make matters even more complicated, Nyx’s ex-mate, the one who had once rejected her, came back into the picture. He desired her once more, and the conflict between the two Alphas threatened to plunge Nyx into a whirlwind of chaos and danger.

Nyx found herself caught between her past and her uncertain future, her loyalty torn between a mate who offered a glimmer of hope and an Alpha King whose love was far from conventional. The wild twists of fate would push her to the brink, testing her resilience and forcing her to confront the truth about her own identity. In the end, Nyx’s journey was not just about escaping her past but about forging a new destiny for herself and her daughter, one that held the promise of love, acceptance, and a chance to rewrite the painful chapters of her life.


Novel Details : The Alpha King’s Rejected Mate

Tittle The Alpha King’s Rejected Mate
Author Hanifah Amirah
Publisher Dreame
Genre Werewolf
Subtitle English
Rating 5./5 4.o

How To Read Novel The Alpha King’s Rejected Mate Full Episode

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