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Rasheed’s Point of View (POV):

I’ve been wrestling with the decision of whether to call Gianna and invite her to the ceremony. The fear of rejection has held me back for too long, but today, I’ve made up my mind. I grab my phone and make the call, nervously waiting for her to answer. Her angelic voice comes through the speaker, and I feel a rush of emotions.

“Hello?” she greets.

“Gianna, it’s Rasheed,” I begin. “I was wondering if you could spare me a few moments of your time.”

“Of course, anything for you, your majesty,” she responds.

I pause for a moment, gathering my thoughts. “First, while speaking to me in private, no titles are needed. Please address me as Rasheed. The next thing I wanted to ask is if you are available next week to accompany me to my King’s ceremony?”

I can feel the sweat forming on my forehead as I wait for her response.

“Like as a date?” Gianna questions. “I thought you had a chosen mate, and you would be taken. I am already coming to your event. My father said since I am almost the Alpha, it is only right for me to partake in the event. So, I would love to come. As far as your date, I think it would be wise if I just came alone, and you take your chosen mate.”

The rejection stings, and it hurts, but I also understand the messiness of bringing another date when my pack is aware of Octavia as my possible chosen mate.

Gianna’s Point of View (POV):

I can hardly believe he called and asked me to be his date. My face flushes, and a fluttering sensation in my stomach confirms how I feel. The ceremony is tonight, and I was just about to start getting ready. I pull my green and black dress from the closet, matching the colors of the pack. It’s an elegant green satin off-the-shoulder dress with black lace overlay. The long-sleeved black lace adds the perfect touch of sophistication.

I decide to keep my hair simple, leaving it curly and pinning it behind my ears. A quick and light makeup application completes my look. Just as I’m finishing up, Storm walks in, engrossed in her phone.

“Hey, how’s it going?” she asks without looking up.

However, when she finally glances in my direction, her phone slips from her hand.

“Damn, Gia, you know you look smoking hot right now,” she stammers.

I giggle and ask her to help me with the zipper and my shoes. She obliges, being both a great Gamma and a wonderful sister-in-law. Aaron is indeed lucky.

My dad contacts me, signaling that it’s time to go. As I descend the stairs, I see my parents, their eyes glistening with pride.

“Wow, Gianna Antonia Federico, you are stunning!” my mom exclaims.

My dad wipes away a stray tear, saying, “Look at my beautiful daughter, all grown up.”

Rasheed’s Point of View (POV):

As anxiety courses through me, I can’t help but wonder if it’s due to the impending crowning as King or the prospect of seeing Gianna tonight. I begrudgingly put on my tux, a stark contrast to my usual laid-back style. A black tux with an emerald-green tie and pocket square completes my look. Sorry, Dad, but I’m wearing my custom black and green Jordan sixes.

I find Octavia, and the sight of her attire shocks me. She’s wearing a pink, fluffy, short dress that resembles a flamingo. It’s a perplexing choice. I shake off my unease and offer her my hand. We walk to the doors, and she whispers in my ear, attempting to sound seductive.

“Ready, King Rasheed. I can’t wait to be your Queen,” she says.

Her attempt only churns my stomach, but I put on a polite facade.

After I’m introduced, I drop Octavia off at our table and start greeting people. I decide to wait to introduce her as my future Queen until after the Red Moon Party. That’s when I catch a whiff of vanilla cupcakes. The scent leads me to the most stunning vision.

Gianna has arrived, wearing our pack’s colors, and she’s breathtaking in a form-fitting gown that accentuates her every curve. As our eyes lock, the world around us fades into insignificance. I’m interrupted by my father’s hand on my shoulder, snapping me out of my daze.

“Beautiful, isn’t she?” he remarks, nodding toward Gianna.

“Absolutely ravishing,” I reply, beaming.

“It’s time, son. Time for you to become King,” my father says with a wide smile. He continues with a heartfelt speech, eventually relinquishing his title to me.

As we mix our blood into a goblet, I’m inundated with a rush of emotions. The voices in my head become overwhelming, and I step back, feeling dizzy. In the midst of my disorientation, I smell the familiar scent of vanilla cupcakes. I fall, and my body hits something soft and comforting.

When I finally regain consciousness, I open my eyes to find Gianna cradling me in her arms on the floor.

“I’m so sorry, your majesties. I just couldn’t let King Rasheed fall,” she says.

Alpha Gianna’s actions leave an indelible mark, and my father’s words echo in my mind: “I know who will have my son’s back when and if the time comes.”

Novel Details : The Alpha Princess and The Werewolf King

Tittle The Alpha Princess and The Werewolf King
Samantha Sanders
Publisher Alphanovel
Genre Werewolf
Subtitle English
Rating 5./5 3.8

How To Read Novel The Alpha Princess and The Werewolf King Full Episode

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