How To Read Novel The Alpha’s Broken Luna. Full Episode


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Reign Callan had been dreaming of the day she would finally meet her mate, the one who would complete her, make her feel loved, cherished, and protected. She had heard tales of the overwhelming connection and love that mates shared, and her heart swelled with anticipation. But when the moment finally arrived, it was a devastating shock.

Alpha Hardin Alonso’s words cut like a knife, a rejection that went beyond mere words. “Reign Callan, I, Alpha Hardin Alonso, reject you as my mate and future Luna. You are free to go out there and find love and protection in another man’s arms, for you will never find it in mine.” His voice was cold and filled with disdain, and the world around her seemed to blur as the crushing weight of rejection settled upon her shoulders.

Reign’s world came crashing down. She couldn’t fathom why her mate would be so cruel, so unfeeling. It was as if he had torn out her heart and trampled it underfoot. Her dream of love and acceptance had turned into a nightmare. She felt lost, abandoned, and utterly alone.

As if the rejection itself weren’t enough, the following day brought a horrifying accusation. Reign was accused of murdering her own sister, a crime she would never even consider. The grief from her sister’s loss was still raw, and now she was being blamed for it. It was a nightmare from which there seemed to be no escape.

Alpha Hardin seemed to take pleasure in Reign’s suffering, ordering her to be tortured. The pain she endured was not only physical but also a reflection of the emotional torment she felt. She couldn’t understand how her mate, the one who was supposed to protect and love her, could be the source of her misery.

But amidst the darkness, Reign clung to the hope that the truth about her sister’s death would be revealed. She knew in her heart that she was innocent, and she was determined to clear her name. She couldn’t let the memory of her sister be tainted by false accusations.

As for Alpha Hardin, there was a glimmer of hope that he might come to his senses, learn to love, and accept Reign as his true mate. Love had a way of working its magic even in the most unexpected circumstances. Maybe, deep down, he was struggling with his own demons, and with time, he might realize the truth and find a way to make amends.

Reign’s journey was filled with pain, heartache, and uncertainty. But she refused to give up on the possibility of a better future, one where she could find love and acceptance, and where the truth would ultimately prevail. Whether or not Alpha Hardin would learn to love her remained a question, but she was determined to stand strong and face the challenges that lay ahead, even in the face of rejection and false accusations.

Novel Details : The Alpha’s Broken Luna.

Tittle The Alpha’s Broken Luna.
Sumi K.
Publisher Bravonovel
Genre Werewolf
Subtitle English
Rating 5./5 4.1

How To Read Novel The Alpha’s Broken Luna. Full Episode

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