How To Read Novel The Billionaire Alpha’s Secret Baby Full Episode


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Grace Jones had experienced the deepest heartbreak of her life when she discovered that the one-night stand she had cherished as a beautiful memory had left her with a heavy burden – she was pregnant. To add to the shock, she didn’t even know the name of the man who had left her alone, carrying their child. In a world where a mate was meant to be your lifelong partner, she felt utterly abandoned.

With a heavy heart and a growing belly, Grace made the agonizing decision to run away from her home, fearing that her child’s father would somehow find out about the pregnancy and claim the child she was determined to protect. She struggled to make ends meet, taking on menial jobs just to provide for her child. Life was a constant battle for survival, and she had nothing left but her unwavering determination.

Seven long and arduous years passed, and Grace’s love for her child remained the driving force in her life. She had long since buried the memories of the man who had left her, focusing solely on her son’s well-being. Her heart had grown hardened, and she was reluctant to trust anyone, especially a mate who had abandoned her in such a cruel manner.

But fate had other plans for Grace. One fateful day, she found herself in a situation she could never have foreseen. She saved a young billionaire from the brink of death, not realizing that this man was someone from her past, someone whose name she didn’t even know. It was Alpha Connor Shelby, the CEO of SHELBY REALTOR (UK) LTD, and the Alpha of the powerful Lumia pack.

Connor, in his darkest hour, owed his life to the woman who had appeared out of nowhere. As he healed, he discovered Grace’s true identity and the painful history they shared. He had long searched for the woman he had left behind seven years ago, regretting his actions and longing for the mate he had abandoned.

But Grace was hesitant, her trust shattered, and her heart guarded. She couldn’t help but wonder if Connor had ever bothered to look for her during those years of struggle and hardship, or if he had simply moved on with his life, leaving her to fend for herself.

Their reunion was marked by a whirlwind of emotions, including anger, regret, and unspoken desires. For Connor, Grace was the missing piece of his heart, and he was determined to make amends and prove that he had changed. But for Grace, the scars ran deep, and forgiveness was not something she could give easily.

Their story was one of redemption, forgiveness, and the power of love. Alpha Connor Shelby would have to work hard to win back the trust and affection of the woman who had once felt abandoned and betrayed by her mate. Their journey together was a tumultuous one, filled with challenges, but it held the promise of a love that had been seven long years in the making.

Novel Details : The Billionaire Alpha’s Secret Baby

Tittle The Billionaire Alpha’s Secret Baby
Publisher Alphanovel
Genre Werewolf
Subtitle English
Rating 5./5 4.4

How To Read Novel The Billionaire Alpha’s Secret Baby Full Episode

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