How To Read Novel The Lycan King’s Breeder Full Episode


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“On the bed!” He commanded gruffly, leaving no room for questions. Everything was quiet, and I heard my heart pounding. It was difficult to even breathe. He suddenly moved, reaching for me. I felt his fingers brush over my shoulder, the silky robe slowly slipping off of me. My heart filled with dread as I thought about how I looked in his eyes right now. My body trembled, my eyes shut, and it felt like my face was on fire. “Please…” I begged in a broken and shaky voice. “I don’t want to be your breeder.”

Talon the Black, King of the Lycans, was as ruthless as his name implied. Dominant and heartless, he was fiercely in love with his mate, Willow. However, their blissful existence was shattered by an issue that threatened to tear them apart – Willow’s inability to bear him a child.

Driven to desperation, Willow made a heart-wrenching plea to Talon. She begged him to breed with a human, a request he found repulsive but ultimately agreed to in an attempt to salvage their relationship. Willow’s desire for an heir was unrelenting, and Talon couldn’t bear to see her in such anguish.

Avalyn, a young woman abused and maltreated by her own parents, found herself caught in a web of misfortune when her father sold her to the Lycans. Her life took a dark turn when she discovered that she was to serve as the Lycan King’s breeder. She was to sleep with him and carry his child, all while he remained married to Willow. It was a cold and heartless business exchange – her curvy body in exchange for an heir, nothing more.

As Talon and Avalyn became entangled in this loveless and twisted arrangement, something unexpected happened. Talon, who had always been a ruthless and unyielding king, began to experience emotions he never thought possible. He started to fall in love with Avalyn, the human he had viewed as nothing more than a means to an end.

Their forbidden love grew, hidden from the watchful eyes of Willow, who remained unaware of the passionate connection developing between her husband and Avalyn. However, secrets have a way of coming to light, and their forbidden love would eventually be revealed.

When Willow discovered the truth, the very foundation of their world was shattered. Hellish consequences loomed, threatening not only the love between Talon and Avalyn but the stability of their entire kingdom. Would their love be strong enough to withstand the storm that was about to descend upon them, or would the consequences of their actions be too devastating to bear?

In the midst of betrayal, love, and a kingdom hanging in the balance, the fate of these three intertwined souls would be decided, leaving them to face the consequences of their choices.


Novel Details : The Lycan King’s Breeder

Tittle The Lycan King’s Breeder
Author Joy Apens
Publisher Alphanovel
Genre Werewolf
Subtitle English
Rating 5./5 4.7

How To Read Novel The Lycan King’s Breeder Full Episode

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